Monday, January 14, 2013

The "ALL AMERICAN" sociopath

Someone who can look you straight in the eyes and lie without even flinching. The best of them are the "heroes" Americans so often idealize and give them a pass if they don't follow the rules the rest of us do. The better they are at it, the more we cheer them on.  After all, they are our "role models" "Tricky Dick" - "Papa Joe" - "Tiger" - "Barry Bonds" and his gang of juicers.

If we acknowledged how distorted our views are we would not be able to live with ourselves. Lance, and the countless others we put on pedestals have to sooner or later come to terms with themselves, but what about the rest of us? When are we going to face the fact that our society (and our environment) is crumbling around us while we, as Nero did, fiddle around with trying to decide which of the tokens to remove from Monopoly.

Lance Armstrong apologizes to Livestrong staff before Oprah interview - Chicago Sun-Times