Thursday, January 3, 2013


A histrionic, closet alcoholic, with a tanning fetish has just been re-elected to lead a hoard of illiterate, gun toting, bible thumping anarchists race up and down the halls of Congress with torches and pitchforks hell-bent on bringing down the very government  their existence literally depends on.

As if suffering from a form of retrograde amnesia they rant and rave about "big" government and "welfare queens" while at the same time begging for a handout when a Katrina, Sandy, or BP spill hits home.

They holler about Obamacare while at the same time scream, "don't mess with my Medicare" as if one was subsidized by the federal government while the other was "manna from heaven."

They huff and puff about paying less taxes while at the same time living in states that contribute less in taxes to the government than they take out, not realizing that they literally live on government subsidized welfare; money contributed from "blue" states in supporting the "red" states. They call that pulling themselves up by their bootstraps ignoring that the boots are not theirs.

These morons believe that people who support social programs are losers who "drank the cool aid" while at the same time they are being dragged by the nose by financial terrorists like the Cock (s) brothers who have brainwashed ( I use the term loosely) into believing that by the rich hoarding wealth and avoiding social responsibility  they and the country will prosper. Next thing you know they will be trying to buy the Brooklyn Bridge.

Allowing this small (but loud) group of misguided and uninformed people who hide behind the Constitution which; like the Bible, take it literally (black and white) presents a much greater threat than all the boogeymen neo-cons have conjured up combined. They believe that pulling "one liners" out of both of these sacred documents is all that is needed to demonstrate an understanding of their intent. This is not only a clear demonstration of illiteracy, but a clear and present danger to life as we know it in these United States.

There is still time to take the keys to the asylum away from the inmates in the upcoming mid term elections.