Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Because like any other large Wall Street Corporation(s) the moguls that own these operations are threatened by a politician that won't kow tow to or curry favors from.

Let's not forget that at one time news organizations were kept separate from commercialized media in order to maintain integrity and objectivity in report the news.  That's long gone with the exception of a few outlets like PBS or NPR that still tries to just report on the news not twist it into an infomercial.

So, it's no surprise that Bernie remains a footnote on the media circuit. And we should all thank the Man upstairs for social media and the blog sphere who, as in any revolution against an Establishment, is the key to it's success.

No pitch forks or torches. Just cell phones please.

The mainstream media is now resorting to misleading information, attacks, or ignoring Bernie Sanders altogether. After Sanders’ three wins over the week, the mainstream media refused to acknowledge his growing traction. Here are five times in the last week that the mainstream media dismissed Bernie Sanders.