Thursday, March 3, 2016


The GOP Establishment is in pure panic mode and have gotten so desperate they actually pull a loser out of mothballs to take on trump. Best word to describe this last ditch effort to salvage whats left of the GOP Establishment is pathetic.

The next step would be to exhume Reagan's body and prop him up in front of a monitor.

The former Massachusetts governor's move is virtually unprecedented, certainly in the modern primary process: the titular head of a major party denouncing the man who has won the most votes in that party's primaries as a phony and fraud. While he paid tribute to Ronald Reagan's speech on behalf of Goldwater, Romney's remarks contained shades of 1964.

It comes at a time when Republicans across the ideological spectrum, including both establishment moderates and movement conservatives, are starting to rise up against Trump. If Trump prevails, this might be the first time since Goldwater when a significant number of Republican leaders refuse to endorse the nominee.