Friday, March 25, 2016


Looks like Hillary and Heidi have more in common than just their first names begining in H or that they are both not only strongly connected with Wall Street bankers and political power houses in their own right.
cruz tabloid

       If the stories are true Ted Cruz is in for some heavy duty repentance with his Maker.

The National Enquirer is indeed a tabloid – and as such there are various grains of salt that should be applied when reviewing anything they present.

However, that said, they have been unfortunately accurate for more than a few presidential hopefuls: Gary Hart, Jesse Jackson and John Edwards to name a few of the more infamous examples.

Beyond the story itself there’s a few presenting elements which point to a high degree of confidence, and as a consequence ‘legal avoidance’, on the publishers’ part.

Firstly, they post pictures of the collective mistresses. NE would never legally “go there” if they did not hold a very reasonable certainty the outlined players were factually part of the story.

Secondly, there’s at least one face in the group that is easily identifiable.