Thursday, March 17, 2016


Both Trump and Hillary have so much baggage they are like two pinatas ready to burst  with just one poke.

The general election race will turn into a poorly scripted reality TV show where one or the other candidate will be either ranting, or defending themselves against a rant, about  their opponent. And rest assured there will be no shortage of baggage to unpack on either side.

Hillary will never survive the Trump onslaught: It’s not fair, but it makes her a weak nominee -

Even though the Democratic Establishment is doing the best it can to ignore this ugly truth, younger and obviously less tainted Democrats are intent on not playing out this disastrous scenario if they can help it which is why they are coming out in record numbers to vote for Bernie Sanders.

Do they know something that the older generation(s) of Democrats don't? Yes! They use "social media" rather than "mainstream media" which provides them with a less filtered (commercialized) view of what's going on on the ground. The reporting from someone's cell phone is much more accurate than what ends up being spun by untold pundits who are paid to "spin" rather than report the news.

Here's how it plays out in some polls; General Election: Trump vs. Sanders

Bottom line, put Bernie Sanders in a room with Donald Trump and what you'll get is one candidate focusing on the country's problems and how to solve them while the other will be mostly babbling and shouting about whatever enters his self-absorbed mind. That's a win-win for Bernie and America.