Thursday, March 3, 2016


As  any good capitalist knows any profit making enterprise needs to be first and foremost faithful to it's advertisers, and then it's stockholders, and lastly it's customers. 

Anyone who pays attention to how news is reported soon comes to realize that it's more propaganda than actual objective news reporting. 

Around 85 percent of those who identified at Sanders supporters in the Katz Media/Nielsen Scarborough Research Panel study said they watched cable TV in general (both entertainment and news channels), compared to 87 percent of Hillary Clinton supporters. For Marco Rubio, 92 percent of his supporters cited cable television -- the highest among decided voters -- whereas 89 percent of Donald Trump supporters used cable. Only 32 percent of Sanders supporters said they watch any of the cable news channels. Rubio supporters were the most likely to watch cable news, with 59 percent saying they do so.