Friday, March 11, 2016

HILLARY SHOPS AT WALMART; For money, not groceries!

 Alice Walton of Bentonville, Ark., is a big supporter of Hillary Clinton becoming the Democratic presidential nominee in 2016.

Walton gave $25,000, the maximum allowed under federal law, to the super PAC Ready for Hillary during the 2013-2014 cycle, according to filings with the Federal Election Commission. Walton is a long-time acquaintance of Clinton, going back to the former secretary of state's days as Arkansas' first lady.

Walton is also the daughter of Sam Walton, founder of the Walmart chain of big-box retail stores. That makes the donation a rather delicate matter for Clinton, the front-runner for her party's nomination. For many on the Left, the Arkansas company is emblematic of all that is wrong with corporate America. It is particularly detested by organized labor — a key Democratic constituency — because the company has doggedly fought all efforts to organize its workers.

Clinton's ties to Walmart go back to 1986, when she joined the company's board of directors. She remained there until 1992, when husband Bill Clinton ran for the White House. For years afterwards they both maintained close ties to the retail giant. More recently, Clinton has distanced herself from the company and criticized some of its business practices.

Clinton's Walmart connection fueling Left's doubts | Washington Examiner