Saturday, March 26, 2016


He claims to be Christian; yet must not have read the 10 Commandments.

He wants voters to trust him yet he can't even be honest with his own wife.

What next? Are we going to get one of those "Swaggart" tear jerkers  where Ted begs the Man upstairs for forgiveness and starts punching out all those one-liners about how the Devil made him do it.

It never fails. When one of these bible-thumpin(s) Evangelicals gets caught with their pants down they use every lame excuse in the book to get a "let it slide" card from their fellow Christians.

Just so folks get it straight. It's not about sex; boring!

It's about deception or as Trump puts it, "lyin." Tellin(s) the folks what they want to hear while doin(s) what they don't want anybody to know about.

You would have thought that guys like Ted would have learned something from "Slick Willy" (Bill Clinton) when it comes to lyin(s) to folks; especially under oath.  Let's hope Ted doesn't make the same mistake.

Ted Cruz’s sex rumors: Of all the reasons Cruz shouldn’t be president, infidelity alone shouldn’t be one of them -