Monday, March 28, 2016


You have to see this Wall Street Journal headline from late last week:

Unfortunately for the Clinton campaign's plans, voters got in the way. We've won six of the last seven contests, and took 82% of the vote in Alaska, 73% in Washington, and 70% in Hawaii.

Here’s the truth: the Clinton campaign and their allies in the financial and political establishment are desperately trying to write us off. Their goal is to get you to stop fighting — to stop volunteering, to stop donating — because they know that if we continue to stand together, we can win.

Now we have to focus on next Tuesday's primary in Wisconsin, another large state where we can do very well.

Make a $3 contribution to Bernie’s campaign ahead of our critical FEC fundraising deadline, and we are going to win Wisconsin and move one step close to the Democratic nomination.

For the past several years, Wisconsin has been ground zero for worker’s rights, women’s rights, and voting rights. Those people cannot afford to wait for incremental change — they need a president who will think big about the transformational change required of this moment. And that is what Bernie will deliver.