Friday, March 4, 2016


No! Not Republican voters; their mad as hell and aren't taking it any more.

It's not Trump. He's channeling all that Republican anger and using it to bring down the Establishment which is made up of a bunch of Wall Street millionaires, billionaires, and the crony politicians that pander to them.

Then there are the  Main Street Republicans; many of which feel like suckers. Not by Donald Trump as Romney claims, but by the GOP Establishment who's cut taxes-smaller government scheme has proven to only serve the rich while the average American has not only continued to get poorer but has watched the countries infrastructure crumbling around them.

Lower or no taxes for the wealthiest and a smaller weaker government for the rest of us has resulted in the mess Americans are confronted with today.

Donald Trump is the most popular candidate with the Main Street voters specifically because he has not fallen into line with the Establishment and has effectively thrown the money train that feeds it off the tracks.

The Republican Party was born of panic. It was a child of the regular economic panics that afflicted the American economy. It was a child of the blind panic produced by the general perception that the country was reeling toward destruction. It was a child of the panic afflicting the Whigs, who had been for decades the other party in a two-party system, but which disintegrated almost overnight in the aftermath of the presidential election of 1852, left in smithereens by the acceleration with which the country was hurtling toward disunion. The Republican Party was born of panic, and the Whig Party died of panic. And, somewhere in what admittedly must be a very boring corner of Valhalla, the old Whigs must be chortling at the panic now afflicting the Republican Party, which has fallen for the most pretentious disorganizer of them all. What goes around comes around, even if it takes 156 years to do so.