Friday, October 4, 2013


Johann Wagener 10-04-13

Ted C is the epitome of selfish self-centerdness. Hypocrisy is his trademark as demonstrated in his doing everything he can to kill the AHCA while at the same taking government sponsored healthcare for himself.

10 States With The Worst Health Coverage

# 1 Texas
> Pct. without health insurance (2012): 22.5%
> Unemployment rate (2012): 6.8% (17th lowest)
> Poverty rate: 17.9% (11th highest)
> Pct. aged 65 and over: 10.9% (3rd lowest)
Not only did Texas have the highest rate of uninsured people in 2012, but the state also had among the highest portion of uninsured children, elderly, and unemployed people. Additionally, over 30% of adults under 65 were uninsured in the state. Texas lawmakers have been opposed to the Affordable Care Act, with Texas Senator Ted Cruz speaking for over 20 hours in an attempt to block the law from taking effect.