Friday, October 18, 2013

A FAMILY THAT...........WTF?

Johann Wagener 10-18-13

You have to wonder if this is not the result of foolhardy laws like "stand your ground" that encourage the kind of reckless behavior seen here. How can children learn to respect life when there's such a total disregard for it? Sanctioning killing someone if you "perceive" them to be a threat is absurd in a supposedly civil society.

People react in shock and awe when these crazy-making incidents occur as if there are no clues as to what breeds and feeds it.  It might be worthwhile to take a second look at how the adults behave rather than looking at the kids.

In a news conference Friday, Polk Sheriff Grady Judd showed a video he said was of Vosburg beating two male children in her home. He said the video showed the 14-year-old suspect and another girl laughing while Vosburg beat the kids.