Friday, October 18, 2013


Johann Wagener 10-18-13

Amazing! A rock formation that has stood firm for 200 million years is toppled in 5 minutes by, of all people (I use the term loosely) Boy Scout Leaders!

I'm guessing they expect Merit Badges for this heroic deed because they say, "somebody could have been killed by it." What is the criteria for becoming a Boy Scout Leader? Being both dumb and a little crazy?

Three Utah men could face felony charges for toppling a 200-million-year-old rock formation in a state park last week — after they posted an online video of themselves cheering as they defaced the ancient rock.

The Emery County attorney is considering charging the bumbling trio — David Hall, Glenn Taylor and his son — after authorities on Wednesday saw a YouTube video of the men destroying the rock at Goblin Valley State Park.