Friday, October 4, 2013


Johann Wagener 10-04-13

you know I honestly believe we can have a rational conversation if you wish..see the truth is only subjective when its swayed purposefully in order to taint perception.
truth is I would vote a democrat or republican or for mickey mouse if he were the best candidate and probably should have last election.
this government is militarizing our police..why ?
this president has been funding al queda for two years and muslim brotherhood as well last time I checked they were supposed to be the ones who flew those planes into the world trade center..we had that whole war on terror thingy remember ? yet we give them aid and comfort ?
we are being spied on by the nsa and to be honest because of my big mouth Im sure Im on some list somewhere…lol that’s to funny…but true..
I am a true constitutional libertarian father of 3 sons who I raised alone but since have met the best woman on this planet oldest is 25 youngest is 15 and am now raising a grandson,,really Im to old for this…
I positively LOVE history read anything I can find.
I am a Christian but disagree with most forms of religion since the whole reading thing gets in the way.because once you have knowledge your are culpable to decisions you make and the path you follow..but that’s for another time…
47 years old live in Pennsylvania.
so if you would like to talk and hash out real solutions,,im game,,,because honestly things aren’t supposed to be worked out in Washington first than filtered to the peons. but discussed by the people who tell and I mean TELL them what to do….which so many in this nation have forgotten…we the people not them, the politico elite make this a country worth saving

My response; 

You sound a lot like I did when I was in my 30's. The world looked much different to me then because my priorities were much different than they are now. At 72, with 6 kids to brag about the oldest, 53 and the youngest 17 (I'm definitely pro-life) I look at the world as I would like it to be for those I brought into this world and their offspring, not so much what's in it for me. I'd like to leave knowing they have it better (not worse) than I did. 

Unfortunately, it looks just the opposite to me; much like the old Roman Empire and how that "republic" crumbled under it's own corrupted system, not because of any outside force. In my time there was a guy named IKE (a republican and warrior) who warned us of things to come if we didn't change our ways, and, guess what his warnings were pretty accurate. 

In 2000 I moved to Costa Rica to raise my daughter on my own. Why? Well, first off, they had no army so resources went to "social" services like universal healthcare, school for everyone, housing to live in not flip to turn a buck on. I came back when my daughter hit her pre teens because she was "bored" with having nothing to do in this laid back country where living on less than $240 a month was not bad for most of the population. Bus ride were a nickle. When you went for gas a swarm of attendants would give your car a complete once over. There was no such thing a "self serve" because it was more important that everyone had a job rather than how much could be ripped off the bottom line. 

We like to brag about healthcare and jobs in this country but when push comes to shove we do a lousy job at providing either. Rather than reinvesting profits back into what made them they a scrapped of by a few slick types who would rather blow it on baubles for themselves or tuck it away in some far off place. 

Some companies in this country would rather fire their people than provide them and their families with healthcare while others are actually saving money by outsourcing their healthcare and sending their employees on all expenses paid medical vacations which at the end of the day cost about half that what they would need to pay using the system here. 

That's not the America I want to leave behind for my kids and their kids. If we can agree on that, then I say change is indeed possible.