Thursday, October 3, 2013


Johann Wagener 10-03-13

It's hard to imagine that and old drunk suffering from late stage alcoholism (which explains the year-round tan) and a handful of mentally challenged, gun loving racists would be able to accomplish what terrorists were unable to do on 9/11; bring down the American Government!

They behave as if they were living in the 1700's when slavery and totting single-shot muskets were protected by the Constitution as understood in those times. They yell and holler that they are doing what "the American people" want while all along marching to orders from people like the Koch Brothers who are nothing more than a bunch of power hungry, money worshiping self-centered goons that could care less about the American People

Congressional Radical Right-Wingers Relive Confederacy Fantasies

The most apt historical precedent for today's marauder Republicans is the old Confederacy, where the provocateurs are not merely intent on stopping federal governance, but withdrawing from it or sabotaging it if they can't get their way. Today's Tea Party darlings like Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and the House right-wingers driving the federal shutdown are cut from the same disunionist cloth as the old Southerners who fomented secession and the Civil War.

They have branded Obamacare as their Tariff of Abominations, which were export taxes imposed by Northern industrial states the South railed against before the Civil War. Fox News is the disunionists’ Charleston Mercury, egging on the rebels, and seeking to convey legitimacy to their crusade to save government not by fixing things, but by blowing it up piece-by-piece.

The Tea Party caucus has forty members, all of them Republican – the one Democrat with a Tea Party endorsement, Rep. Walt Minnick (ID-1), declined to join. The following is a profile of Tea Party caucus members.