Thursday, October 3, 2013


Johann Wagener 10-03-13

wow what a bunch of crap.. We normal people in America who love this country see it this way
Communist Marxist takeover with a Saul Alinsky twist.
This country was not founded on collectivism or Islam and the policies of this administration should make any person with common sense loose sleep.
Let’s address Boehner first we in the tea party think hes a sellout drunk and anything but conservative. And we want him gone as well as senators Lindsay Graham,,,John McCain,,
The world has Never suffered as much as under people who follow left ideologies. In America look at Detroit or Chicago. or in any city run under democrats.
Now lets look at history…communism in Russia killed 60 million in china 90 million in poland and the Czech republics another 10 million…
And than there’s Hitler whom this President most resembles in policy..see good ole Adolph was only known as right wing because he was a fascist socialist which is right of communism for sure, but still very left wing…so yes Hitler was a progressive liberal. so after the weenie roast at parliament…all the guns had to go..national healthcare was installed and all sorts of fun laws that made it legal to put people in ovens and such.
But why would people need guns to defend themselves ?
And now onto the Koch brothers because its not like Bama doesn’t have evil George soros.. G.e or wall street funding..big Pharma..and my fav monsanto ?.
Everything this administration does is against the moral fabric of our society,,we are divided by their rhetoric rich against poor. white against black,,straight against homosexual..christian against secular.
is this helpful to anyone…no…
To top it off we now have the American Pravda known as msnbc,,cnn,,abc,,cbs,, bet you luv em all bucky..
I personally just want to be left alone,,I don’t want to protest or write in response to a half informed idiot but here I am..
i don’t want the epa to tell me I cant have a wood stove..or some twit to say I cant own a weapon.
and before you bring up mass shootings ALL democrats everyone of them. which is funny so maybe you should show your voting records to own a weapon. and deny all dems since their clearly unstable..
maybe you should read a whole book non fiction and stop smoking silly commie…oh and i will post this on bin as a response to your column

To which I replied;
WOW! For someone that wants to be left alone you sure do a great job comin out guns a blazin!
You also seem to know a little history though slightly slanted to make your world seem real.

If this is representing what you refer to as "normal people who love America" this country is in much worse shape than I thought.