Monday, October 7, 2013


Aaron J Mund's answer to:
2013 U.S. Federal Government Shutdown: Is this a game?
Johann Wagener 10-04-13

He started eating his words no sooner than they came out of his mouth by going on to say that he was going to play until he (and those cooks he's pandering to) had their way. No matter that they are asking the rest of us to break the law because they don't approve of it.

It's becoming obvious that between the booze and overexposure to ultraviolet rays his brain is beginning to deteriorate.

Boehner still seeking health-care negotiations: ‘This isn’t some damn game’

House Republicans on Friday continued to demand changes to President Obama’s signature health-care law as a condition for funding government operations, with an Oct. 17 debt-ceiling deadline looming and no end to the federal government shutdown in sight.

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There are two main teams both trying to advance down the field. The game has been even more intense over the past 6-10 years. Their are many plays that both sides cry foul when played. The one many are crying foul over right now is the government shut down ran by the republicans. The democrats are countering this play by running a strategic shut down Flea Flicker play. They are trying to divert the eyes of the public to sob stories about people effected by the shut down. They tried to close Mount Vernon the privately owned home of George Washington. They have closed monuments that are not manned. They also have National Park Rangers guarding the closed gates. That is a quick interpretation of the current game. I would say that the ball was fumbled on the 50 and Obama and Boehner are laying on the ball not wanting to get up. While the rest of the teams are in the locker rooms.

Anyone criticizing the republicans over this play should look at the play used to get the ACA passed. It was not passed in a fair way in the eyes of many. Those said "Tough Stuff ACA passed" are the same people crying today. Obama and his team are great at the game.

There are so many games played with in politics from the elections to voting and vetoes, one could right a book about the topic. There are issues like the Third Team playing on the court during an election. There is the incumbent with the money and mailing list. Then there are all the parliamentary rules. Look at the one man play Ran Paul used to give attention to drones in the USA.

Politics will for ever be a game with corporate sponsors pulling for their team. And the fans are always pissed when a bad call is made. This Sunday go to a bar and watch a game. See how many people say "those two teams need to work together!" or "it was okay for that other team member to grab the mask of the other player."

Mr Mund:

I really enjoyed reading your comments and the way you applied the football analogy in describing American politics. There's a couple of points that you failed to include which I think are fitting.

For example, both politics and football are about and overpaid bunch of men chasing something that has little or no value other than to entertain themselves and those who would spend more than 2 to 3 hours sitting on their dumps to see about 7 minutes of action. Not to mention it's a game that scrambles brains; both on and off the field which undoubtedly applies to both groups discussed here.

And, finally, it's a pass time that Americans will gladly throw billions of dollars into with little or no regard to the damage to and by those playing these games.

When Boehner shouted, "this is not a game" he was wrong as you so rightly point out.