Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Affordable CARE!
Johann Wagener 10-29-13

This is absurd! Why should our younger generation be forced to contribute to their own care and, God forbid, the care of the previous generation? This is outright unconstitutional and against God's laws!

That's the position Republicans would like Americans to take when it comes to everyone chipping in to provide healthcare to everyone; especially the old (which would include their parents if they weren't hatched) the ill, and the poor. Even the most primitive societies (including the Cavemen) cared for their own.

Yet, in the greatest society ever known to man, we find it difficult or unacceptable to simply be "caring" for those who are either unable to care for themselves  or are passing on the mantle of responsibility to this new generation; and which, by the way they are getting their health "care" from until age 26 under the Affordable Health "CARE" law.

Republicans react to "caring" like vampires to daylight. They literally implode when somebody suggests services like healthcare, social security, medicare, food stamps, as if they were spawned from the depths of Hell.

Let's hope for our sake, and those of our grandparents, parents, and children, that we don't get "bitten."

So here’s the question: Are enough of those relatively affluent young invincibles going to pay $150 or more a month for insurance rather than pay their ordinary expenses out of pocket andhope they don’t have a medical bill that drives them into bankruptcy? They aren’t doing so now, and Obamacare is probably a slightly worse deal for them financially than the insurance they’re not buying. Young invincibles seem to think that insurance should cost less than their mobile-phone contract and substantially less than their car payment.