Monday, October 21, 2013


Johann Wagener 10-21-13

Climate change is a myth. The world is 6,000 years old. Cigarettes don't cause cancer. Coal is a clean fossil fuel (tell that one to the people chocking in Peijing) The rich are job creators. I could go on but my head would explode given the sheer amount of BS Americans are being fed and many just swallow.

My guess is that had this child not added himself to the list of gun victims he would have used the "stand your ground" defense. Maybe this kid received a failing grade from the math teacher he killed because he "perceived" him as a threat to his graduating?  That's just plain crazy you say! Yet many will say that the "stand your ground" law is sane? Some will also say that the semi-automatic this kid used to kill others and himself  is not the problem. After this kid could have come in and killed these people some other way; maybe a pencil? Sounds sane to me?

I just can't wait for LaPierre and his army of gun nuts to come out ans spew this crazy-making rhetoric and showing up at town hall meetings "packin" just to get their message across. Sad! Crazy! Both?

The headline in Nevada speaks volumes on how Americans cope with this crazy violence; instead of a headline stating what and who committed this act we jump right into the "hero worship." Next come the flowers, the memorials, the 5 minutes of fame for some folks from Sparks and a not talked about factor; an uptick in business for the restaurants and hotels/motels housing the armies of news people  in vans loaded with satellite dishes roaming their streets looking for someone to talk to.

Police say a Nevada middle school boy used a semi-automatic handgun to wound two students and kill a math teacher before turning the weapon on himself. The shooting occurred about 15 minutes before the opening bell at Sparks Middle School on Monday. The student’s name wasn’t released, and his motive for the shooting wasn’t known.

Teacher Michael Landsberry was being hailed as a hero for trying to protect children from their gun-wielding classmate outside the school. Twenty to 30 horrified students witnessed the shooting as they returned to classes from a weeklong fall break.

The following pictures were found by Googling "kids with guns." Scary!