Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Johann Wagener 10-02-13

In this country we use a "consumer confidence scale" to measure the health of our nation.  After 9/11 GWB made a speech telling the American people to "go out and shop" as an expression of defiance against terrorism.

Today, a small group of "obedient" politicians sincerely believe that providing health care to all Americans is going to destroy the country while at the same time shutting down the government and destroying the country in the process.

Obedience to Corporate-State Authority Makes Consumer Society Increasingly Dangerous

Overconsumption is a function of obedience built on the false premise that eternally acquiring more goods will make you, your family and your society happier. These goods are produced in a way that - we now know - is likely to lead to global environmental catastrophe. While many authorities acknowledge climate realities, they also claim that the extraction of fossil fuels continues to be necessary for powering a high-tech, industrial economy.