Saturday, June 18, 2016


Here's what the Charter says;

“VOA will present the policies of the United States clearly and effectively, and will also present responsible discussion and opinion on these policies.”

Now, here's the piece that clearly violates those tenets the Voice of America touts

The piece should be titled; "Does the Democratic Political Establishment believe in Democracy?"

In his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, the Vermont Democrat is more than 3 million votes behind his challenger, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. But to listen to Sanders and his supporters tell it, he is being deprived of victory in a “rigged” system.

When they were winning primaries earlier this year, the Sanders campaign focused on the supposed unfairness of “super-delegates,” the elected party officials and big wigs who, by virtue of their position, get to vote at the Democratic convention this summer. The vast majority of these individuals long ago committed to Clinton. Now that Clinton has clinched the nomination – via her amassing both pledged and super delegates – the Sanders campaign is trying to convert the latter, effectively arguing that he should win the nomination even though he is far behind in the popular vote count.

The super delegates, however, have always been a distraction. For it’s not Sanders’ lack of elite Democratic support that stands in the way of his achieving the nomination; it’s the millions of more people who voted for Hillary Clinton.

The clown that wrote this piece is clearly biased and dishonest in the way he describes the democratic process.

First he claims that Hillary got the most votes but he fails to mention how many voters were blocked from voting because of the obstacles the Democratic Party Establishment used to suppress the vote. 

He also miserably fails to address the completely un-democratic use of an "elite" handpicked group os Super Delegates that the DNC readily admits is used to prevent anyone from the "outside" disrupting their agenda in selecting their (not the people's) candidate.