Saturday, June 4, 2016


Trump has been all over the media this week but not to report the news.

What is surely at the behest of the political Establishment  and the Hillary attack machine the press has been relentlessly hounding (excuse pun) Trump about  the minutest of issues that in and of themselves are frivolous and non consequential. Trump said this and Trump said nausea.

Even Hillary; who is plagued by scandal(s) took a jab at the Donald in an over-hyped media event that was covered under the guise of a foreign policy speech but was solely devoted to bad mouthing the Donald.

But even with all the hoopla the media and Hillary could muster it barely phased Trump who remains as popular as ever to his staunch supporters and is becoming more of an option to many voters who are being turned off by how the Establishment and media are treating Bernie who is the only viable candidate to take on Trump.

The Democratic Establishment is faced with the reality that Hillary; who is as dirty and disliked as Trump will not be able to defeat Trump even on her best of days. For many Americans, Trump may not be the best but he is still better than Hillary.