Sunday, June 19, 2016


You would have to be close to brain dead to believe that the AG has "never" discussed the HRC email investigation with POTUS.

This is America folks! Politics is a game played with rules that allow (and sometimes even reward) for corruption and deception.

Even if there is the remote possibility that Obama didn't have a sit down with Lynch he did send her a loud and clear message to stand down when he endorsed Hillary and showered her with so many accolades you would think he was in love with her.

There's no denying that most Americans run on about 4 of 8 cylinders and are not the brightest bulbs on a tree, but for anyone other than a true Hillarite to buy this line of BS is nothing more than dog being wagged by their tail.

One way to nail it down is to compel the AG to answer these questions under oath; let's say at the behest of a Congressional committee.

An investigation by the Office of the Inspector General found that then-Sec. of State Clinton acted negligently in operating a private email server. (RELATED: State Dept. Admits That Hillary Clinton Failed To Turn Over Secretive Email)

Wallace then pressed again: “So does this create a conflict of interest for you?”

“No, this is not a conflict for me or for the department or for anyone,” Lynch responded. “We will continue to do all of our work in the same way in which we always have with the interest of the American people, first and foremost.”
Wallace then pointed out that the same day Obama endorsed Clinton, Lynch met with Obama at the White House.

“Did you in any way, shape, or form discuss the Clinton case with the President?” Wallace asked.

Lynch claimed she has never talked with the President or anyone in the White House about the investigation.

“We’ve never discussed the Clinton case,” she said. “I’ve never spoken about it with the President or really with anyone at the White House. That’s not the kind of relationship that I have with people there and it would be inappropriate to do so.”

Lynch Claims She Never Spoke To Obama About Hillary's Emails | The Daily Caller