Tuesday, June 21, 2016


The latest tactic Hillary and the DNC are using to discount corruption in their ranks is to claim it's all disinformation from bad guys; interestingly the Russians. 

The DNC wouldn’t directly address the attacks but said in a written statement that it believes the leaks are “part of a disinformation campaign by the Russians.”

The hacking of entities connected to the U.S. presidential election went much further than previously reported. Bloomberg News reports one of the organizations targeted by hackers believed to be operating out of Russia is the Clinton Foundation:
The Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation was among the organizations breached by suspected Russian hackers in a dragnet of the U.S. political apparatus ahead of the November election, according to three people familiar with the matter…
Clinton Foundation officials said the organization hadn’t been notified of the breach and declined to comment further. The compromise of the foundation’s computers was first identified by government investigators as recently as last week, the people familiar with the matter said.

The recent spate of hacking is said to involve as many as 4,000 individuals and entities connected to the election. Bloomberg reports that the FBI and the NSA are now involved in identifying the scope of the attack and trying to identify who is responsible. The Russian government has denied any responsiblitly.

Hackers released some information taken from the Democratic National Committee last week, specifically an oppo-research book on Donald Trump. This week the hacker (or collective) known as Guccifer 2.0 released another set of documents from the DNC hack. It seems the Democratic Party is somewhat nervous that there is much more, and worse, yet to come. FromBloomberg:
If the Democrats can show the hidden hand of Russian intelligence agencies, they believe that voter outrage will probably outweigh any embarrassing revelations, a person familiar with the party’s thinking said.
So far the released documents have revealed little that is new or explosive, but that could change. Guccifer 2.0 has threatened to eventually release thousands of internal memos and other documents.

Guccifer is the handle of a hacker who was recently extradited to the United States where he made a plea deal, signaling possible cooperation with the FBI in an ongoing investigation. That hasn’t been confirmed but, given that Guccifer claims to have hacked Clinton’s private server, the most obvious possibility is that he is cooperating with the FBI in the ongoing Clinton email investigation.

As for the DNC data, most of Tuesday's 'Guccifer 2.0' document dump was a garden-variety mixture of the kinds of materials seasoned election operatives would expect to find on a political party's network.

Included are copies of Bill and Hillary Clinton's tax returns and Federal Election Commission financial disclosures, speaking engagement contracts for the former secretary of state, travel records and inventories of speeches.

Most of the files consist of endless summaries of news articles, categorized for easy access during a rapid-response fight.

But in one such collection, Democrats went out of their way to vet Clinton, compiling a worst-case-scenario collection of the 'vulnerabilities' posed by the controversial Clinton Foundation.

'The Wall Street Journal tied foreign government donors to the Clinton Foundation's endowment fundraising under Secretary Clinton,' one section is headed.

Another trumpeted: 'Reports that State Department lawyers did not exhaustively vet Bill Clinton's paid speeches during Secretary Clinton's tenure raised questions about the role Clinton Foundation donations may have played in organizing those speeches.'

A third read: 'The Clinton Foundation has accepted donations from individuals, some of whom had ties to foreign governments, during her tenure as secretary of state.'

That, along with a similar warning that the Clinton Foundation 'received donations from individuals tied to Saudi Arabia while Clinton served as secretary of state,' pointed to Wall Street Journal reporting that reportedly raised eyebrows inside the FBI.

Federal investigators are probing for evidence of criminality related to Clinton's own private email server arrangement, along with allegations that she sold access to the secretary of state's office in exchange for Clinton Foundation donations and speaking fees for Bill Clinton.

The former president collected $105.8 million for giving 544 speeches between the end of his White House terms and the beginning of 2012, according to the Democratic Party's accounting, also leaked Tuesday by the hacker. That averages nearly $195,000 per appearance.

The DNC religiously tracked news stories covering apparent conflicts of interest in Clinton's diplomatic office, including foundation donations coming from governments and moneyed interests in Germany, Bahrain, Venezuela and Canada.

The party was also aware, according to its dossier, that the Clinton Health Access Initiative, a project of the foundation, 'did not disclose donors or submit foreign donations for State Department review' during Clinton's time in office.

The project, the DNC noted, was 'bound by a disclosure agreement with the Obama administration' at the time.

The leaks set the stage for what could be a political repeat of the Sony Pictures Entertainment hack of November 2014, when the dirty laundry of major studio executives and Hollywood stars was aired out in the public domain.