Thursday, June 9, 2016


Are Americans doomed to be slaves to the Billionaires and Millionaires? Is "trickle down" here to stay? Are student loans, lousy healthcare, bank bailouts, smaller Social Security checks, bulging prisons, and endless wars, and destruction of the environment what will be the norm for the next generation?

There's no denying it. Bernie and those who lined up behind him gave it their best shot. But in the end the Establishment prevailed. Not because that's what the voters (people) want but because the system is so corrupt and rigged that it's almost impossible to take it on; short a violent revolution.

Obama; bless his worn down, graying soul, just bit the bullet and did what he was compelled to do in order to not to have his legacy ground up into dust. He surely made the pact with the devil when elected and the Devil called in the chit today.

Unfortunately Trump is the only anti-Establishment outsider left standing and he is paying dearly for it with the bought for Mainstream Media pounding on him 24/7 in a last ditch effort to sway the public away from him.

The  question is, will the Establishment force Americans back into line and surrender to the status quo?

Will the folks that rallied behind Bernie throw their hats in Trumps ring? Are they angry enough to risk putting a loose cannon in the White House?

One ray (or glimmer) of hope is that Hillary may still be outed before her coronation if (a big IF) the DOJ decides to indict. Unlikely given that they cater to the Establishment, but then, anything is possible.

Obama offers a formal endorsement of Clinton; president also meets with Sanders - The Washington Post