Thursday, June 2, 2016


Look who's calling the the kettle (Trump) black as if the pot (Hillary) was any better.

Trump has Trump U. and a short fuse.

Hillary has the Clinton Foundation, private email servers, and secret speeches to bankers.

When push comes to shove neither candidates are  qualified to lead this country.

Democrats can still save their party from the shipwreck Republicans suffered but time is short.

Running two of the most disliked candidates on the planet against each other is going to be nothing more than a massive baggage dump from both sides with little time to what the country needs.

As much as Hillary tries she is not able to shake off also being seen as incoherent; especially when it comes to explaining the email fiasco among other things. 

Trump is the master of sleaze and will be relentless in his attacks on Hillary given the baggage she carries into this campaign.