Sunday, June 26, 2016


People have been making a lot of hay about Bernie saying he would vote for Hillary in order to defeat Trump.

What Bernie did not say is that he would "endorse" Hillary.

Many Bernie supporters will not vote for Hillary and some are frankly undecided about Trump.

Putting aside all the bluster he projects, Trump is still an “outsider” and, as Bernie, anti-Establishment.

Hillary is a sold, bought and paid for Establishment candidate which in my book is much more dangerous than Trump.

What many people tend to lose sight of is that the office of POTUS is not all that powerful of a position given the state of the nation and all the elbow grease Obama put into the job.

In case no one noticed; the banks that destroyed us in 2008 went scott free under Obama.

Healthcare is still being orchestrated by the Insurance Industry and all Obama was actually able to influence was the number of people included in a system that is still profit driven.

The wars have not ended under Obama and, in fact, the US is involved in as many, if not more than when Obama took office.

Under Obama, privatization of the prison system has exploded. Private armies of ”military contractors” continue to proliferate.

The defense budget is as big as ever and the infrastructure and social programs remain anemic.

Worse still is that Obama has fallen into the spider web of the rich and wealthy and, in order to survive and protect what legacy he can muster, he is pandering like the best of them by giving his blessing to Hillary and pulling the strings to ensure that she doesn’t drown in the mountain of corruption she is dragging around.

Trump donning the POTUS crown might actually be a plus because it would force the Establishment to do something other than protect the status quo.