Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Looks like the mainstream press is being called out by angry voters after they unwittingly misreported that Hillary Clinton had clinched the Democratic nomination.

Reporters covering Clinton report harassment following AP call - POLITICO

A number of journalists who cover presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reported being harassed by angry readers as a result of the AP's decision to declare Clinton the "presumptive nominee" last night.

"I won't be answering calls from unknown numbers today, after third call from Bernie supporters telling me they'd hunt me down in the streets," New York Times reporter Amy Chozick tweeted on Tuesday.

Other reporters told POLITICO that they received angry and insulting messages but not threats.

WNYC's Andrea Bernstein, who has covered Clinton since 1999, told POLITICO that she has received harassing emails — calling her a "whore" and "shill" for Clinton — but no threats. Tamara Keith, NPR's White House correspondent, tweeted a screenshot of a profanity-laced Facebook message that accused her of "lying about the primary." Ruby Cramer, who covers the Clinton campaign for Buzzfeed News, tweeted that she had received similar messages. POLITICO's own Gabriel Debenedetti said he has received nearly a dozen emails calling him a "corporate whore" and accusing him of aiding Clinton.

Keith declined to comment, Cramer did not respond to a request for comment and Chozick said that she had nothing to add beyond her tweet.