Friday, April 15, 2016


Americans live in two different worlds; It's as different as day and night.

The one Hillary Clinton is in is one where $200,000 speeches are thought to be just a part of the every day world of Wall Street tycoons and coughing up $353,000 to eat a meal with Hillary and George Clooney is thought of as politics as usual; no big deal for the 1% of Americans  who live in this world.

Then there's the world where the rest of Americans live (99%) and who Bernie Sanders has been able to bring together at this very important turning point in American politics. This is a world where the average yearly income for an American family is $53,657.00 and it would take the combined total yearly income of 6 American families to have 1 person sit at a table with Hillary and George.

We must smash the Clinton machine: Democratic elites and the media sold out to Hillary this time, but change is coming -

Tonight Hillary Clinton is hosting a fundraiser at the home of a California venture capitalist where couples contributing $353,000 get to sit at a table with George Clooney.

Now, you know where this campaign stands on George Clooney. YUGE fans.But a political contribution of $353,000?!??! That’s just an obscene amount of money.

And while the Clinton campaign repeatedly claims this money to her “Victory Fund” goes toward supporting the DNC, campaign finance records show they’ve spent millions of those dollars to subsidize their own campaign. It is, let’s just say, a very creative way to use enormous checks from people like Alice Walton (yes, Wal-Mart) to cover what would otherwise be campaign expenses.

So, we’ve set another ambitious goal, because that’s what this campaign is about: setting ambitious goals and watching people come together to meet them. Here it is:

Help Bernie raise $353,000 before midnight. Not in a single check, but in $3 increments. Add your contribution to the thousands being made right now.