Monday, April 18, 2016


           Hillary Clinton is revealed to be chasing down money and talking about her emails on hidden camera where she admits, on tape, she does not want to use email because of what it might do during any investigation. Fundraising fraud and other issues at work here. The entire investigation by ABC News 20/20 shows the darker side of what happens when public financing is not used for elections, but the way in which government officials are doing favors for those that throw the most money at them is disgusting. 

We already knew how bad Bill and Hillary Clinton were regarding Wall Street money, but this is clearly something they want to put in their past and was only one example where it was actually caught on tape.


Sanders often says he took on “the most powerful political machine in America,” by which he means the Clintons. He’s really fighting the whole Democratic Party: White House, Congress, DNC, elite media and, sad to say, national progressive groups. That includes organized labor but also nearly every liberal lobby in town. He’s been a more constant friend than Hillary Clinton to almost all of them — but he must face and defeat them all. That he’s done so in 14 states — 15 counting Iowa-and fought four more to a draw is a miracle — and a sign their days are truly numbered.

Eight month ago Bernie was a stranger to Democrats. In a recent CNN poll his popularity among them surpassed Clinton’s. (85 percent /10 percent versus 76/19). The Times poll shows the gap widening. In it, 56 percent of Dems say if he’s the nominee they’ll support him “enthusiastically.” Just 40 percent say the same of her. On issues his lead is far greater; that’s why she mimics him rather than the other way around. read more: We must smash the Clinton machine: