Sunday, April 3, 2016


Hillary Clinton is either stone cold tone deaf or blatantly arrogant in making it unabashedly clear that she is a "proud" member of a rigged and corrupt political Establishment that the majority of new, young, independent, angry  (and many more coming on board each day) voters are totally against.

She forgot to also mention that she is;

* A member of the 1% Club made up of the millionaires and billionaires she swears she has no allegiance to. Read More; Why Hillary Clinton Is Completely Oblivious to the Disappearing American Middle Class

According to Money Nation, Hillary Clinton’s net worth is $31.3 million. Her husband, Bill Clinton, has an estimated net worth of $80 million. A Forbes report found there are just over 5,000 households in the United States with a net worth of over $100 million; the Clintons are one of them. Yet despite being one of the wealthiest people in the country, Ms. Clinton wants voters to believe her interests lie with the middle class.

Ms. Clinton’s wealth has detached her from reality, particularly in regard to her definition of the middle class. With her promise not to raise taxes on households making $250,000 or less a year, she ignores the most recent U.S. Census data, which find the median household income is $53,657. Comparing the struggles of a household that makes $53,000 annually to one making nearly $250,000 annually suggests that Ms. Clinton has a complete misunderstanding of what middle class in America actually means.

* Panders to Wall Street bankers who have paid her millions of dollars for supposedly benign speeches and which she pledges to rein in once she becomes president Clinton. She has no shame in admitting she made more in one speech ($225,000) that would take an average American family to bring home in 3 years of hard work. Read More; The Clintons’ $93 Million Romance with Wall Street: a Catastrophe for Working Families, African-Americans, and Latinos

* Bankrolls her campaign by hosting elite high class funding events that some of her very wealthy donors pay up to $335,000. a plate to attend.  US election 2016: Who's funding Trump, Sanders and the rest?

There have been few candidates more criticised for where their campaign contributions come from than former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. With Bernie Sanders continually questioning the influence of Wall Street on politics, her ties to big banks have been a liability.

Though she has received a significant amount from bankers, she has raised even more from lawyers.

The Clinton campaign has taken in $11m from lawyers and law firms, including $1.33m from individuals who work at seven of the top US law firms. By contrast she has received just over $4m from the commercial banking and investment industries.

Many of the lawyers donating to Secretary Clinton's campaign represent big corporations and banks as well as "shadow banking" organisations - hedge funds, mutual funds, and limited liability companies.

This area of finance has grown significantly since the financial crisis. They have positioned themselves as alternative lenders compared to banks and have used their growing pots of money to donate to several candidate, not just Mrs Clinton.

But Mrs Clinton is one of the few candidates who has addressed the role of "shadow banking" in the financial system and the need to regulate it. She has even said shadow banking could lead to the next financial crisis.

If she is elected those organisations may need a lot more lawyers to help them cope with increased regulations and the government would like call on outside counsel to write them.

It's not at all surprising that she falls flat on her face in trying to stir up average working middle class Americans by making believe she is one of them.

Hillary Clinton wants voters in Wisconsin to know that she has been a Democrat for much of her adult life. Why? Bernie Sanders hasn't been.
Clinton said her near-lifelong membership to the Democratic Party was "important" in the nomination contest while campaigning here on Saturday, two days ahead of Wisconsin's Democratic primary.

"I am also a Democrat and have been a proud Democrat all my adult life," Clinton said. "And I think that is kind of important if we are selecting someone to be the Democratic nominee of the Democratic Party."

Hillary may not realize it but Bernie is exactly what Americans are looking for in a presidential candidate;

* He is an "outsider" and self-declared "Democratic Socialist"and proud of it!

* Not a member of either the Democratic or Republican Establishment and, as such, represents the people (voters) rather than political organizations and the special interests they pander to.  

Sanders has never been a member of the Democratic Party and is one of two independents in the United States Senate.

Sanders has caucused with the Democratic Party ever since he came to Washington as a congressman in 1991. He unsuccessfully ran for the United States Senate in 1971 as a member of Liberty Union party and, in 1981, when he successfully ran for mayor of Burlington, Vermont, he did so as an independent. 

At times, the senator identifies as a democratic (small D) socialist.

Sanders, however, listed the Democratic Party as his party affiliation in his statement of candidacy for his presidential run. He also declared as a Democrat during the New Hampshire primary.

* Is not a millionaire and has not espoused to become one. 

Bernie Sanders’ public disclosures place his net worth at between $194,026 and $741,030,Politico reported. Some media sources just take the highest number and report his net worth at $700,00, but this is inaccurate. The total is likely around $300,00, since as early as 2013 he had an estimated net worth of $330,000, NPR reported. This is far below most members of Congress, where the median net worth in 2013 was $1 million. In the Senate, the median was $2.8 million.

Compared to other political candidates, Sanders also ranks low. Hillary and Bill Clinton made more than $25 million in the first half of 2014 just from speaking engagements. According to USA Today, Donald Trump’s net worth is between $2.9 and $10 billion, Hillary Clinton’s is $15.3 to $55 million, and Ted Cruz is $1.7 to $4.5 million.  Read more: 
Bernie Sanders Net Worth: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

* Get's paid to make speeches; usually not more than $5,000.00 the proceeds of which he gives to charity. 

* Bankrolls his campaign primarily with small donations (average $27.00) and refuses to take money from PACS, Millionaires or Billionaires. 

                                       Democratic candidates
Bernie Sanders has not shied away from criticizing Wall Street, calling out big corporate donors and condemning super PACs - ostensibly cutting off traditional places for campaign fundraising. He even returned a donation from the former chief executive of Turing Pharmaceutical, Martin Shkreli, who notoriously raised the price of one drug by 5,000%.

Instead he has received a swell of financial support from Americans giving in small amounts.

Nearly three-quarters of Senator Sanders' donations have been under $200. His campaign said the average donation in 2015 was $27.16. Only 17% of donations to rival Hillary Clinton are under $200.

Senator Sanders' has also managed to tap an unexpected group of Americans for donations - the unemployed. In 2015 his campaign raised $14m in donations from people without jobs.

Part of Senator Sanders' populous appeal is his criticism of the campaign finance system and the role of super PACs. Sanders' campaign has said, "He doesn't have a super PAC. He believes you can't fix a rigged economy by taking part in the corrupt campaign finance system in which politicians take unlimited sums of money from Wall Street and other powerful special interests and then pretend it doesn't influence them."

But there is a registered super PAC supporting Sanders' however, formed by the National Nurses United - the largest union of nurses in the US.