Saturday, April 2, 2016


Hillary like most tried and true politicians has a bad case of what I call "poli-speak" or in plain English, political BS.  Say what people want to hear, take the money and run.  Oh! And hope it's all forgotten before the next news cycle.

The author of the following piece is one of those big-hearted, politically naive media buffs who want's to paint this practice as just being part of the political landscape; no big deal. People spend big bucks on "celebrities" just because their celebrities.

The $250,000 speeches are just hyped up celebrity pitches; nothing more. That, sadly, misses the point when it comes to politics;much different from the "Hollywood celebrities" they are compared to.

Governing as a form of entertainment is far too common in America which is why the country is in the sorry mess that it is in.  Maybe it's time to get serious.

          I have personally been to a closed door corporate Clinton speech. This is what I experienced.

Hillary Clinton’s (and to some extent Bill Clinton’s) paid speeches have become a major talking point in this campaign. Everyone wondering what Hillary possibly could have said in 30 minutes that was worth 250K is missing the point. These people are celebrities. They are booked to deliver paid speeches, because it benefits those who book them in some way. You might as well ask what Kanye West could possibly say in 45 minutes at Madison Square Garden that would be worth 250K to the promoter.

I have no doubt that Hillary does not want to release the transcripts of those speeches because those pouring through them for a gotcha news story or to prove a point, will surely find praise for the institutions she was speaking on behalf of. In this political climate, that would be a bad news cycle for her. I also have no doubt that she also showered glowing praise on the countless colleges whose commission speeches she spoke at, as well as praised the accomplishments of whatever non-profit she spoke on behalf of. Does anyone really think her speech to the US Green building council in 2013 was fair and balanced about negative aspects of what the Green building council has done? No. These are performances for a purpose.