Thursday, April 7, 2016

"Good" Television: Why the Networks Want Clinton v. Trump

So this is hell, I guess. It must be, because it's getting hotter, everything is on fire and Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton still remain the presumptive nominees for the highest office in the land, despite a torrent of mistakes, disasters, defeats and foul public statements on both of their parts that would cause a truly civil society to chase them up a tree. 

If they win the nominations, they will be the most unpopular nominees in the history of the galaxy.

How is this possible? Easy: The dominant "news" media want this Trump-Clinton contest with such ferocious intensity that slip-and-fall accidents in newsrooms have gone up 6,000 percent thanks to all the drool on the floor. 

As far as they are concerned, Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders and John Kasich may as well be hobbits: Good at throwing rocks, but very hard to see.