Saturday, April 2, 2016


Leave it to Republicans to take control of state governments who will then; with almost near certainty, create a disaster.

In the world according to Richard Dale Snyder, everyone should have spent more time in the private sector (like him) learning how to get things done.

Working in ‘Dog Years’

Naturally, Snyder had little patience for the lumbering speed of government, vowing to work in “dog years.”

Only later would we come to realize just how much disdain our governor had for the entire concept of government –– crystallized in his congressional testimony on St. Patrick’s Day 2016, when he brazenly blamed “government bureaucrats” for the Flint water crisis. Then a few days later, Snyder bragged to a friendly audience of business executives, “I hope they appreciate the fact I took responsibility for some of the people that worked for me, the tragic mistakes they made, and I’m focused on fixing the problem.”

I’m sure the people of Flint, who still don’t have safe drinking water, were deeply comforted by the governor’s humble response.