Monday, April 18, 2016

BERNIE'S 2014 INCOME $205,000 - ONE HILLARY SPEECH $325,000

Bernie Sanders and his wife reported an adjusted gross income of $205,000 for 2014. They donated $8,350 to charity. The Sanders’ income comes mainly from Bernie’s U.S. Senate salary and Social security payments.

How does this compare to his opponent’s salary? Well, in 2014 Hillary Clinton was paid more money for one speech to either a corporation or big bank than the Sanders family made in an entire year.

Clinton made $280,000 for a speech to Deutsche Bank AG, $325,000 for a speech to the National Automobile Dealers’ Association, and $225,000 for a speech to General Electric. In fact, the average payment for an speech either Hillary or Bill Clinton has given since leaving the White House is $210,795 – still more than Sanders earns in a year. READ MORE;BERNIES 2014 INCOME $205,00
Bernie Sanders Releases His ‘Boring’ 2014 Tax Return