Monday, April 7, 2014

Time to close the brothel in Washington DC

One of the most popular John's that frequent that brothel referred to as Congress are the Koch brothers..

These two horny old farts will buy as many of those hookers that line up with their hands out. They have no morals, no sense of patriotism, or respect for the Constitution.

What drives them is their obsessive need for power and incessant greed.

Let there be no doubt the hookers in Congress will continue sucking from the Kochs and the only way to clean up the smelly mess they leave behind is send them packing this coming mid-term.

There's no doubt this government reeks of corruption but the responsibility for clearing the air is up to the American voter who have the power of the vote (when they use it) to elect a government that represents them, their families, and their communities.

If the way the Supreme Corrupted Court  is behaving these days is any sign of things to come the window of opportunity is quickly closing as they premeditatedly strip the rights of individual Americans at every opportunity.

Greediest family on earth: Proof Koch brothers have just one political principle