Saturday, April 26, 2014


When Parking Disputes Turn Violent

It might be a good idea to consider taking a bus the next time you want to visit a mall. Seems like many Americans are ready to put up a fight (or even kill) to lay claim to nothing more than a parking space.

This is another example how the the process of enculturating people works by promoting violence as the solution to conflicts; even as silly as acquiring a parking space.

Christopher Heben, a former United States Navy SEAL, never thought that a simple trip to the grocery store would end with a gunshot to his stomach.

Heben said he was walking into a Bath Township, Ohio, grocery store on April 1, when a man and his two companions almost backed their car into him while leaving a parking space. The driver began cursing at him.

“If I had been on my cell phone, not paying attention to what I was doing, I would’ve been underneath that car,” Heben, 44, told ABC News. “I push myself off the rear corner of the car … and this guy’s next to me with his window rolled down. So we exchange words. You know, a lot of expletives going back and forth.”

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Dismissing the confrontation, Heben said he continued into the store only to realize he forgot his wallet. When he returned to the parking lot, Heben said he saw the same man he had argued with sitting in his car waiting for him.

“[He’s] basically telling me that, you know, I've got a big mouth, I need to learn some respect,” Heben said.

The driver shot Heben through the closed car door, he said, hitting him in the left lower abdomen before speeding away with his two companions.