Tuesday, April 1, 2014


* Americans don't want Obama-Care!

OVER 7 million Americans disagree!

The Ayn Rand Republicans would like you to believe that our young healthy people; our children, are too self-centered and/or stupid to have healthcare insurance and are not willing to support previous generations (their parents) by pitching in and paying into a healthcare system that everyone can afford.

What does that say about how Republicans view our children? And why, if it were true, would Republicans encourage that kind of "me-myself-and I" attitude from fellow Americans? These people are despicable to even suggest that this is how Americans behave towards each other; especially when it comes to the younger generation caring for their parents and grandparents.

Even animals have better sense than that.

On a lighter note;

* Cancel Colbert! is the battle cry from the ill-informed and obviously dim-witted tweeters.

First off, who's Suey Park? Secondly, why would anyone with basic intellectual skills (at least a 5th grade education) take what a very talented and entertaining comedian has to say, when poking fun, seriously?
That in itself is just plain stupid. The fact that there are thousands more out in nether space who waste their lives following twits like Suey Park  makes it even more absurd.

So Colbert; as usual is having some more fun with these twitties;

That ends that controversy," Colbert concludes . "I just pray that no one tweets about the time I said Rosa Parks was overrated, Hitler had some good ideas, or ran a cartoon during Black History Month showing President Obama teaming up with the Ku Klux Klan 'cause, man, that sounds pretty bad out of context."

Being out of touch is putting it mildly. These people are so far out there they might need space suits to survive.

Why any clear thinking person would take these paranoid, hysterical, cynical, angry, intellectually challenged individuals seriously still remains a mystery.

The Koch Brothers and Adelsons play these fools like fiddles and; given the way they behave and the cray things they say, most of them don't have a clue.