Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Family values Republican caught on camera valuing his girlfriend

A classic sociopath has no conscience and doesn't experience guilt, so what is he asking to be forgiven for; getting caught?

The fact that some homegrown-corn fed red neck is diddling a few women (and possible some farm animals) is not surprising. And, frankly; who cares?  Yet that's what the headlines will be about; juicy 24/7 news cycle kind of stuff.

What get's overlooked and is a far more serious and dangerous is this clowns psychopathy. To be able to look you straight in the eyes and lie without even blinking.

He's not at all an exception, which is even a bigger problem because with enough money backing them up these are the kind of people we fill our halls of congress with. One look around and it's obvious they far outnumber

those few politicians that actually have morals, values, and stand up for them.

Today's Congress is nothing more than an overpriced brothel filled with sociopaths who prostitute themselves without the least bit hesitation and will say and do anything they are told to by those who procure their services.

Simply put, they are whores and their John's are well known to most Americans for their ability to throw their money around. The Koch brothers who are notorious for letting themselves be sucked on by politicians. The "almost dead" gambling mogul Sheldon A just threw a big bash to which the band of hookers gathered to in Vegas 

Who wants to marry a billionaire?

John Kasich does. So do Scott Walker, Chris Christie and Jeb Bush.

When Sheldon Adelson, the world’s eighth-richest person, according to Forbes, let it be known that he was looking for a Republican candidate to back in the 2016 presidential race, these four men rushed to Las Vegas over the weekend to see if they could arrange a quickie marriage in Sin City between their political ambitions and Adelson’s $39.9 billion fortune.

Adelson was hosting the Republican Jewish Coalition at his Venetian hotel and gambling complex, and the would-be candidates paraded themselves before the group, hoping to catch the 80-year-old casino mogul’s eye. Everybody knows that, behind closed doors, politicians often sell themselves to the highest bidder; this time, they were doing it in public, as if vending their wares at a live auction.

If it acts like a hooker,talks like a hooker, chances are it is a hooker. 

Placing any of these money grubbing sociopaths in public office is nothing short of selling out your country to people like the Koch brothers or Sheldon A.

Any smart American with any respect for the Constitution and their "vote" needs to take a good look "behind" who they are giving their vote to.  Our friend from Louisiana is just a small example of what happens when you don't.