Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Atlanta archbishop apologizes for lavish living, may sell mansion

Another Prince of the Catholic Church is busted, and then, apologizes. Genuine? Only God knows for sure, but I'd be skeptical. Just saying he "may" sell his mansion demonstrates how arrogant and insincere tye apology is.

Just like the people they pander to these men have no interest in anything other than self-indulgence and, by the looks of it, can keep up with the best of these lost souls.

The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Atlanta has apologized for building a $2.2 million mansion to use as his home, a move that made him the object of derision and complaint, and said he may sell it. 

Archbishop Wilton Gregory said he took his "eye off the ball" after the archdiocese received a $15 million donation from the estate of Joseph Mitchell, a nephew "Gone With The Wind" author, Margaret Mitchell.

These high flying Princes of the church need to voluntarily take assignments in ghettos of the cities they rule over. Not only should mansions be sold but also all the other creature comforts those less fortunate lack. 

Their role model(s)? Jesus, Mother Teresa, Pope Francis.