Friday, April 4, 2014


Americans are so occupied worrying about bogeymen with guns coming to get them that they are ignoring the real threat.

What Americans should be afraid of are bad guys with money, not bad guys with guns. Bottom feeding scum who are systematically buying politicians who whore themselves out to the highest bidder (which now includes SCOTUS) and going about the business of stripping Americans of their wealth and liberties.

The Constitution is being gutted, leaving little of what it was intended to provide to the average individual in protecting their rights. The vote, which was once the most powerful weapon any 1 person had in defending themselves against tyrants has been successfully diluted by 5 politically appointed Millionaire Republicans SCOTUS , leaving the individual powerless against large multi-national corporations owned and operated by mostly old rich white men who were first given "personhood" (Citizens United) and now are allowed to spend as much money as they want to buy the government to serve their interests (Mc Cutcheon).

It's not difficult to see how this plays out. All one needs to do is go back to the War of Independence to understand why Americans fought and died to free themselves from what is now sitting on their doorsteps.

What Americans need to pay attention to is not how many guns they have, but to that 1 vote which is theirs and theirs alone, and use it to bring these tyrants down.

The upcoming mid-term elections will determine which direction this country will go in;

* Begin the healing process and bring back the middle class

* Finish transforming this country into a Plutocracy; ruled by the rich, for the rich.

It's David vs Goliath and up to you to determine the winner.