Friday, April 18, 2014


America the voiceless: Voters can’t compete with big campaign cash | Al Jazeera America


Which is what is happening to this country while most Americans continue to distract themselves and not paying attention to who their vote is going if and when they even take the time to vote.

They are being conned by the slickest and best paid con artists that money can buy, and it seems to be working. Millions are spent by the cons to buy political whores who are then programmed to say what you want to hear and then do what their handlers pay them to do.

Washington is nothing more than a high end brothel run and operated by a hand full of high rollers who roam the halls of Congress buying whoever is for sale and willing to service them.

It's real easy to pick out the hookers; just follow the money.

A genuine "Mr Smith" type politician is getting hard to find but they are around. They don't get much press or TV so you have to go and find them in your neighborhoods, your local community centers, your churches and YMCA's. They fund their campaigns with a significant percentage of "small donations" from the people in their town or states; the actual voters they are going to represent. They also take money from political groups but it's less then or equal to that of their constituents. That's a necessary evil like it or not until campaign finance laws clean house.

The political whores on the other hand receive the bulk of their money from those that buy their services, not vote for them. And who usually are not from the communities or states the election is being held.  

Sheldon Adelson is a classic example of someone who is not only a "John" but also a "pimp" who is heavily involved in managing the brothel. Recently he held auditions to add a new batch of these political hookers to his stable; A look at 18 prominent Republicans who are known to be or thought to be contemplating 2016 campaigns for the presidency.

Much more important however is the money Adelson and others like the Koch brothers, pump in to state and congressional elections. Those you don't hear as much about but they are the ones that cause to most damage to this country.  These politicians need the individual votes of Americans from their home towns because without them they can't get into office, no matter how much money Adelson and friends throw into the ring. The individual vote trumps the money every time.  Hands down. 

Electing a political whore at the local and state level is where the most damage is done and the one place outside interests with money have no reason being involved other than to buy the politician who will then service their needs just like any whore worth their salt would. 

These are the people that do not belong in Washington, or state and local offices. These are the people Americans should reject without hesitation at the polling booth. Americans need to vote for and elect politicians that are going to represent their interests in Washington, not those that whore themselves out to service their donors.      
Researchers at Princeton University and Northwestern University compared the public’s influence on 1,779 policy issues between 1981 and 2002, finding that more often than not, the interests of wealthy groups and individuals won out over the demands of the general public. For instance, when 80 percent of the public asked for a change of some sort, they got their way only about 43 percent of the time.

The study, its authors say, points to the overwhelming power of wealthy lobbying groups and individuals backing certain interests in American politics, and the marginalization of voters and public advocacy groups.

The US Congress and now the Supreme Court have been turned into brothels filled with political whores who pander to those with money to buy their services. A once "blind" and impartial Supreme Court which is filled with political appointees has now also been corrupted with money and is in the process of systematically stripping away or weakening individual rights Americans have long enjoyed.

The mantra is "money talks, everything else walks."

For Americans, the time has come to walk the talk and take their country back by sending a strong message that it is "not for sale."