Friday, April 25, 2014


The Bush/Cheney clowns promised a better world. Iraq had been saved from an evil dictator and was being transformed into a democracy ala USA.

Mission Accomplished! At least for the neo-cons and the crony politicians that have raked in billions of profits from this debacle. For these folks it's just about money regardless of the outcome.

Now, shoveling aside all the BS we come back to reality and the chaos in a country in complete meltdown.

28 killed in attack on Shi'ite political rally in Iraq

As people started to leave the stadium, the first bomb exploded. Grey smoke rose in the air and people ran or scrambled for cover. The a white mini-van raced to the stadium's main gate and detonated, unleashing a massive ball of fire.

Army and police shot in the air and a final explosion shook the ground. Asaib members commandeered cars to rush the injured to hospital. A wounded man limped away, stained in blood, while people hunted for missing friends or relatives.