Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Low-Profile Super Donors Having Big Influence in 2014 - NBC News

They are easy to spot. 4 of them dropped in to perform for Sheldon A. in Vegas a few weeks ago. One of them (the arrogant fat guy) even went so far as to apologizing to Sheldon for referring to the West Bank as "occupied territory" (which happens to be absolutely true) because it offended him.

Adelson, and the notorious bottom feeding Koch brothers are just a few of the money brokers that buy up politicians like Christie, Romney, Walker, Bush like kids in a candy store.  And, they are the last person(s) any clear thinking American should elect to public office.

Oh sure, they are good at telling you what you want to hear, but that  is not what the ultimately do if they are slick enough to get elected.  Romney was the last best "prime" example of what one of these political whores look like when he spoke at a $500,000 a plate dinner and referred to 47% of Americans as losers.

Just ask yourself; Self, who would Romney have represented had he become president?  The John's with $500,000 to throw at him or the 47% of  Americans he fondly labeled "losers"

But then, that's what political whores do; pander to those who buy there services.

Don't get me wrong. Prostitution is an honorable profession (one of the oldest) when practiced in the bedroom. But not in the halls of Congress.

I don't think Americans would knowingly vote someone into office if they knew before hand that that person would be ignoring them and pandering to their donors.

If Americans want to regain their dignity and preserve their way of life it's going to take a real concentrated effort to send the political whores packing in the coming mid-terms.

It's easy and not near as difficult as some make it out to be. You start at the grass roots; by selecting a person who is not being bankrolled by the "big money" John's.  Grass roots simply means keeping it "local" and personal. Candidates in state and local elections that need to find approval and beg for cash from outside sources are not grass roots and are prostituting themselves to the likes of the Kock's and their ilk.

You can rest assured they are not representing you and don't deserve your vote. If you vote for someone be certain they will represent you and work on your behalf. On the otherhand, if you want to restock the brothel with more of the same don't say you were not warned.