Sunday, March 2, 2014

US POLICY 2-FACED on Ukraine/Russia vs Israel/Palestine

The US is again showing the world how diplomatic bias and discrimination works when it comes to it's defending the sovereign territorial rights of other countries.

Israel ongoing violation of international law and it's complete disregard for Palestinian sovereignty over it's own territories is a glaring example of the hypocrisy in the way the US is reacting to a one-time incursion of Russian forces into Ukraine which is not much different than US behavior when it comes to Guantanamo on Cuban territory.

The process used in rationalizing is amazing and demonstrates once again how out of touch with reality countries that are used to calling the shots (Super Powers) can be.

If the US is sincerely committed to protecting other nations territorial integrity and enforcing international laws against offenders/violators of these laws, then let them go to the UN and start with Israel before poking Russia in the chest.

Ukraine Warns Russia: Two Sides On 'Brink Of Disaster'

Meanwhile, Secretary of State John Kerry suggested Sunday that expelling Russia from the G8 and "asset freezes" were among the possible sanctions that could be imposed for Russia's "incredible act of aggression."

The comment is nothing short of hysterical. Kerry should consider hiring a new speech writer and staying grounded in reality.