Thursday, March 6, 2014


Hillary is showing signs of Limbaugh-mentia!

Comparing Putin and the Ukraine with Hitler and Europe is about as crazy-making rhetoric as a cage full of right-wing monkeys.

Coming from someone with diplomatic experience and credentials that are based on knowledge of history and politics it is amazing that Hillary Clinton would make these remarks.

Hillary seems to either be playing politics to get the right-wing-nut vote or has taken up late night drinking. Given the historical record, implying Russia is a Nazi-like nation after it was the major factor in determining the outcome of WWII and Hitler's defeat, the comment is a major insult to those Russians who fought and died save us from becoming the United States of the Third Reich.

Reaching back all the way to 1930 to find a comparison to what is happening in Russia and the Ukraine is absurd and despicable and only to be expected by right-wing-nuts and the intellectually challenged.

All Hillary needed to do to find comparisons of Putin's actions is to pull out the US playbook which she helped write where there are numerous examples of much grosser violations of human rights, borders, and illegitimate invasions of sovereign countries.

Hillary Clinton compares Russia's invasion of Ukraine to the Nazis