Sunday, March 30, 2014

#Suey Park et al/get a life

These tweeters are twits.

They are surrounded with racism. In the south it's so bad it seeps out of almost every politician and right-wing wackos that reminds me of a bad case of diarrhea.

Suey and the army of twits that have taken on this issue should be ashamed of themselves. Colbert is not the enemy as lily white as he is. In fact he and Stewart do more in their half-hour skits to shine the light on racism than almost any other so-called civil rights organization in the country.

If the twitters want to take on racism there's plenty of fat targets out there like most Republicans so how about hashtag "cancel Republicans" and "cancel Koch Bros". Need more?

I'm reminded of that U-tube character who came to Britney Spears defense when I say;\ #leave Colbert alone! U bastards!

Stephen Colbert vs. the Hashtag Activists