Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Does the army hand out medals for rape?

He sexually assaulted a subordinate and threatened to kill her and her family and the government "dismissed" the charges; the most serious of many charges, in a plea deal.

This comes after a teary eyed (hard to believe) horny old man begged for leniency from another grey haired (probably horny) old man  after copping to a slew of other offenses against subordinate females in his ranks during his reign of terror.

The idea that an over the hill old man with control issues would  terrorize women for sex is not unusual. Hell that's what the Cialis/Viagra "boner" pill market thrives on. It's even covered under Medicare!

But what happened to "red lines?"  Assault and threats to kill aren't exactly  sexually arousing except maybe for sadists and into whips and chains..

So, once again we are given an example of how the "good old boy" club works in the military.

Sinclair, 51, one of only a few generals to face court-martial in the last 60 years, pleaded guilty Monday to

* twice misusing his government charge card to pursue the affair, 
* disobeying an order not to contact his mistress, and 
* making derogatory and sexist comments about other female officers.

A week earlier, Sinclair pleaded guilty to 

* impeding an investigation by deleting sexually explicit emails and photos from a civilian woman, 
* possessing pornography in a war zone, 
* conducting inappropriate relationships with two other female officers and 
* asking the lieutenant for a date.

Serious charges, right? I'm kidding, of course. Pornography in a war zone? WTF?

Only a full blown idiot would impose such a ban on a bunch of testosterone cranked corn fed kids with raging hormones. A sure fire way to create an atmosphere where suicides and rapes are rampant. Idiotic!

So, our recalcitrant general drenched in tears of remorse, throws himself at the mercy of the court, begging for leniency; which on it's face is absurd, but what's even crazier is this;

Under a plea agreement, the Army dismissed charges that Sinclair sexually assaulted the captain and threatened to kill her and her family if she exposed the affair. Also dropped were charges that the general had engaged in “open and notorious” sex in a parked car in Germany and on a hotel balcony in Arizona. If convicted on the most serious charges, Sinclair would have faced life in prison and registration as a sex offender. 

That is comparable to awarding medals for rape and sends a clear message to women in the military; nothings changed.