Wednesday, March 5, 2014


There's a small group of greedy sinister individuals who feed on the misery of others.These neo-cons or "Cheney-ites" as I like to call them will jump at any opportunity to start a war because of the large profits to be made from the "military industrial complex" that Ike warned the country about after the Korean war ended.

Ike feared, and rightly so, that in a profit driven capitalistic system making a buck ruled the day regardless the cost; including human life.  Doing away with the draft opened the floodgates for these people because it narrowed the filed down to the lower classes of our society. The unemployed, uneducated, and by promising them a ticket to the American Dream they were able to con (they call it recruit) these people into subjecting themselves the worse kind of abuse by sending them off to far-off lands to fight, kill, maim for causes that even to them made no sense.

Many did not survive. Many more lost limbs and were both physically and mentally damaged for life. Now we are finding out that even though we can fit them up with shiny new legs and arms, there isn't much we can do to heal their souls (or psyche).

These are the true victims of war. Those young men and women who, because of their naivete which most 18 and 19 year old's are, and there lesser than status in an elitist society, bought into the marketing hype. They bought the promises of great things to come and didn't bother reading the fine print. All for the sole purpose of enriching those who played them; many of which have never worn a uniform or served their country (Cheney being a prime example) and who played them for patsies and continue to do it today. 

Wars, for the most part are evil; with the exception of a few that were almost unavoidable in order to survive. But the greater evil rests with those who profit from the slaughter of human beings. 

We don't hesitate to invoke the name of Hitler when asked to describe this evil. And, evil though Hitler was, he wasn't even a match with those who hide in the shadows and orchestrate events like Iraq, Afghanistan, and who knows how many more in the future. 

Maybe bringing back the draft with no exemptions allowed would be what's needed to weed out the evil-doers. Maybe taking the profit out of wars would shut down the money making war machine we created. Maybe placing our values on human life and quality of life might allow future generations an opportunity to actually live the American Dream instead of the nightmare many of our youth are living today.